Simple Chic

Vintage Style - Pure Linen, Design 2

  • Luxury Reusable Fabric Face Mask:  sustainably produced and locally made in Australia. 
  • 3 Natural Fabric Layers:  Two outer layers of 100% Linen plus one inner layer of 100% Organic Cotton.  Both Linen and Organic Cotton allow skin to breathe and are sustainable and biodegradable fibres.
  • Plus, Optional Filter Pocket / Layer: Face Mask has been designed with a filter pocket on the reverse-side of the Mask to fit PM2.5 standard size filters.  Two PM2.5 filters are included with purchase if you choose the Filter Pocket option.  Select "Yes" in the Filter Pocket option above if you wish to purchase a Mask with a Filter Pocket.  Additional filters can be purchased in packs of 10 or more and are available for purchase on the Simple Chic website.
    • Adjustable Nose Contour:  Custom sewn into the Mask is an adjustable nose contouring feature made from a soft metal.  
    • Choose from 2 Mask Attachment Types:  1.  Ear / Head Ties (45cm in length) made from the same fabric as the Face Mask.  2.  Ear Loop - Covered Elastic, a fine rounded elastic is covered in the same fabric as the Face Mask for extra comfort around the ears. 
        • How to Wear a Face Mask: For instructions on "How to wear a non-medical Fabric Mask Safely" please follow the guidelines set and provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO) by visiting:  For ease of reference, we have included a poster from the WHO guidelines in the photo gallery for this product.
        • Disclaimer: Please note, this is a NON-MEDICAL grade face mask and is designed for personal use only. This face mask should not be worn by anyone with breathing or respiratory conditions or those who are unable to remove their face mask without assistance. Face Mask Filters should ideally be replaced daily after usage. For more details visit: for detailed usage guidelines.
        • Returns & Exchanges: unfortunately this product cannot be returned or exchanged for health and safety reasons
          • 100% Linen (outer layers) and 100% Organic Cotton fabric (inner layer).  Both fabrics are strong, soft to touch, dry quickly, cool to wear and allow skin to breathe. 
          • Linen and Organic Cotton are also sustainable sources and biodegradable.  Good for people and the planet.
          • A collaboration between Simple Chic Founder and Ricky Jin Tailoring & Alterations in Sydney, Australia.
          • Custom made by Ricky Jin's Tailoring & Alterations, Sydney Australia.
          • Wash in cold water by hand with a gentle laundry detergent.  Dry flat or hang in cool area, avoiding strong sun to reduce colour fading.  Warm iron.
            • Face Mask Filters, ideally should be replaced daily.  See WHO recommendations on usage of filters by visiting