Our Story

When you purchase from Simple Chicyou are investing in timeless designs, effortless comfort, natural fabrics and quality tailor made clothing made unique just for you ... it's like having your own personal design studio.  You are also casting a vote for the type of world you wish to live in for today & for future generations ... one which is good for both People & the Planet.  

Inspired by Nature | Created for Women 


We imagine custom made women’s clothing, purchased online (enabled by data science & digital technologies) is the future of the fashion industry. 

No wastage, only natural fabrics for wellness, produced sustainably and manufactured ethically.  Mindful of our environment and people for today and future generations. 

Celebrating provenance, transparency of supply-chain, to hero the natural resources & artisans along the journey.

Timeless & elegant designs paired with modern comfort. Effortless women’s clothing custom made for each women's unique silhouette and personal style. 

Simple Chic founded by a Woman for Women 



Women's silhouettes, lifestyle needs and wants are at the centre of our design principles ... function before design. Great design can also be aesthetically beautiful, elegant and chic, while still having a considered approach to function as well as people and the planet's resources. 

Women -we started with the joy of scouting through decades of women's fashion designs across the globe and different cultures with the intention of identifying collections of timeless and elegant designs.  We added modernity to the design, natural fabrics and a choice of personal styling options for women. Tailor made comes standard for the ultimate fit and comfort.

People- Our collection is designed by a women and each garment is ethically custom made in Sydney, Australia.  Our aspiration, wherever possible, is to only partner with ethical brands and companies across our supply chain.

Planet - We only use natural fabrics: linen, wool and silk for the benefits and attributes they offer our clients.  They are also a sustainable resource and biodegradable.  Minimisation of wastage is part of our ethos and we deliver this by purchasing existing natural fabrics and creating clothing on demand (no mass production).  Additionally, any remaining fabric remnants we use to create our accessories collection.



Our desire is to build an authentic clothing brand for women, which extends to how we design and create our collections.

The clothing for our launch collection, does not follow the fast fashion approach of working with a fit model and then manufacturers grading the garments for different sizes.

Instead, we chose to collaborate with real women (different heights, body shapes, sizes, ages, occupations and lifestyles) to tailor make our launch collection garments.  All of the women had different style needs and how they wanted our clothing designs to fit their body: neckline silhouettes, sleeves or no sleeves, lengths of dresses & pants; colours of fabrics and so on.

We would like to sincerely thank each of these incredible and inspiring women (each in their own right) for: their collaboration in our design process; their generosity of time and their courage to participate in a photographic session for our launch collection.  All the photographs on our website are of our collaborators.

We look forward to introducing you to these amazing women in the coming weeks and sharing a little of each of their stories.  

Forever grateful - Founder, Simple Chic