Silkis one of the oldest natural fibres and originates from China.  It is well known for its luxurious softness and lustrous beauty. Silk also has a number of other quality attributes: it is the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics; it is warm and cozy in winter and comfortably cool when temperatures rise.  It is also highly absorbent and dries quickly.  Silk is both a sustainable resource and biodegradable.  Good for People and the Planet.

100% Silk Georgette

Choose from these luxurious silk fabric colours. 



100% Silk Satin Collection

Choose from these lustrous silk fabric colours. 


Our 100% Silk Satin & 100% Silk Georgette Collection is harvested and milled in China.  We purchase our silk fabrics through established quality fabric houses and are currently collaborating with them to share more details with you about the China company's sustainability, animal welfare and people ethics standards & guarantees.


In keeping with our sustainable business practices, and minimisation of fashion wastage, we do not mass produce any fabrics specifically for our clothing collection.  Instead, we selectively choose quality natural fabrics which are already in supply.  This means, from time to time, specific colours within our range may change and we will update our clients and website accordingly.   


If you have any questions, please write to us via the Contact page and we would be happy to assist further.