Merino is one of the worlds oldest breeds of sheep and produces an extremely versatile wool. The fabric from Merino Wool has a number of beneficial attributes: it is hypoallergenic; soft on skin; it acts as an odor suppressant; provides UV protection; thermo regulation and it is flame resistant as well as just naturally resilient.  It is also a fully renewable resource, recyclable and 100% biodegradable.  Making Merino Wool one of the best natural fabrics.  Good for People and the Planet.

100% Merino Wool Jersey Collection

Choose from these vibrant fabric colours.  


Our 100% Merino Wool Collection is grown and milled in New Zealand and purchased through a quality Fabric House who purchase through Bluesign® Systems Partners which provide a MAPP guarantee on the full range.  The MAPP guarantee ensures environmental, economic sustainability & animal welfare.  Ensuring the Merino is produced in 'free range' farming systems which are animal and environmentally friendly, and produce superb quality merino.  A strict no mulesing policy is followed, and the well-being of the sheep is a high priority.


100% Fine Wool (Suiting) Collection

Choose from these timeless fabric colours.  


100% Wool Crepe Collection

Choose from these timeless fabric colours. 



Our 100% Fine Wool (suiting) and 100% Wool Crepe Collection is grown in Australia (the world's leading wool producer) and milled in Italy (the world's leading manufacturers of wool fabrics).  We purchase the fabric through a quality, second generation, Fabric House in Australia. 


In keeping with our sustainable business practices, and minimisation of fashion wastage, we do not mass produce any fabrics specifically for our clothing collection.  Instead, we selectively choose quality natural fabrics which are already in supply.  This means, from time to time, specific colours within our range may change and we will update our clients and website accordingly.   


If you have any questions, please write to us via the Contact page and we would be happy to assist further.