Jane Ziemons

Melaleuca Rise. By Appointment.

  • Jane Ziemons - Founder & Creative Director of Melaleuca Rise
  • In Jane's own words ... My whole process towards creating garments is based upon a longer-term commitment to living with purpose and intentionality. My focus is on fostering deep, authentic, and long-lasting connections.

    I believe that if we have a meaningful connection with the people who make our clothes then we in turn hold a deeper connection to the cloth itself and are more likely to look for ways to care for our clothing and this way we will lighten the load on this beautiful planet.

    My work is deeply narrative and so my starting point for a new collection always begins with a story that I want to further investigate. I use autobiographical experiences alongside shared stories that connect us. The visual representation of this research develops through constant mark-making experimentation and an openness to the process of making
    • Made-to-Measure - Offering the complete experience from the initial consultation to the hand stitched finishing touches exclusively to his customer's satisfaction.  Including: custom tailoring for women's and men's wear, bridal wear and corporate wear.  All fabrics, including leather and suede garments.
    • Pattern Making - Manual pattern making on traditional cardboard, sample making, fittings, production grading and specification sheet.  For personal, design students, fashion industry to commercial use.  Including:  women's and men's wear, after five and evening wear, children's wear, swimwear, uniform and corporate wear.
    • Alterations - Including: shortening lengthens, let-out, take-in, resizing, blind hem, repair of broken zippers & buttons, invisible mending, wedding dress and formal dress alterations.  All fabrics from leather & suede to silky delicate materials.
    • Creative Director of Melaleuca Rise Collections
    • Custom designed and hand-made pieces
    • Care to Repair services include:  mending, repairs, repurposing and upcycling loved clothing.
      • Ocean Reef, Western Australia
      • Appointments Essential