Simple Chic

Virtual Wardrobe Coach

Service Includes: 

1.  A Wardrobe Online Survey; and

2.  One (1) Hour Virtual Wardrobe Coaching Session.

In a world where over consumption has become the norm and many brands are making sustainability claims, it is difficult to know where to start your journey towards a more conscious wardrobe.

Introducing our Virtual Wardrobe Coach service. Just like a Life or Fitness Coach, our Wardrobe Coach service is here to help guide and support you on your journey to a more conscious wardrobe one step at a time.

Why?  Because ultimately the most sustainable place to shop is your wardrobe of existing clothing.

By valuing, caring and extending the life of our existing clothing we reduce our impact on the planet (less clothing being sent to landfill) and we also show respect for the people who have made our clothing.

The right clothing fabrics, designs and styles can also elevate our confidence, create joy and wellness (mind and body) each time we wear them.

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