Meet Melaleuca Rise Designer Leuca Jane Ziemons

October 20, 2021 2 min read

Meet Melaleuca Rise Designer Leuca Jane Ziemons


Leuca Jane Ziemons is the embodiment of what she calls ‘slow and ethical fashion.’

The Perth-based designer-maker and artist behind womenswear label Melaleuca Rise has woven a lifetime’s experience incorporating primary school teaching, business studies and fashion and textiles to create clothing that has love and care handsewn into every fibre. Clothing that will be as beloved by you as it is by the planet.

The native Scot moved with her husband and children to Australia in 2011 when she trained in both visual arts and contemporary fashion and textiles and decided to incorporate both into a sustainable fashion brand. She strengthened her vision after presenting at a Fair Trade runway exhibition commemorating the 2013 Rana Plaza disaster.

“It was this lightbulb moment: I could use my skills and creativity and art in design, but in a space that made a difference,” Jane says.

Melaleuca Rise was born in 2018, with boutique collections launched biannually on her own platform and since 2021 through her collaboration with Simple Chic Women.  Leuca’s ethos is simple. “When I create nobody gets anything in a hurry. They know it’s created by me, made by me and gifted to them in a way that includes part of me in everything I create so yes, it’s slow.” 

Every item comes with a Care to Repair gift, meaning all wear and tear will be mended. A true lifetime guarantee that also guarantees your garments won’t end up as landfill. And of course each piece is tailored to suit you, recognising that each and every body is unique and should be celebrated through bespoke design, not made to suit a standardised look and fit.

It is this final but seminal point that makes the partnership with Simple Chic really sing. “My work is about recognising all those differences, that they’re what make us individual and our clothes should reflect that even if it’s through the smallest alteration,” Leuca says. “Simple Chic heralds and celebrates that uniqueness too, that every body is the perfect body when you have something made for you. It’s a beautiful connection with my brand.”

Melaleuca Rise’s new range will be launching late October 2021 and has nine garments that can be purchased direct, made to measure, or personally tailored to suit. “It’s the little changes that make the difference,” Leuca says. “Making those connections and trying to make a difference in a human being’s life, whatever form that takes.”


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October 28, 2021


Fantastic business model, feels like old school bespoke culture, done anew. But the market for this would be better suited to the Goop buyers, who can claim bragging rights. Whom within hollywood or the nyc gliteratti (or evenn investment banking) community are you connected:? Having worked on Wall St for 15 years I may have some connections but I want to know that this is the direction your business embraces, and whether you have the capacity/capabitly to upscale to such a demanding market esp in these Covid times?

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